Our Farm

Based in Carrboro, NC, we specialize in gourmet and medicinal mushrooms grown and harvested locally and sustainably.

Grown year-round, our oyster mushrooms form beautiful clusters of petal like caps that vary in color from cloudy sky to steel gray, pink, tans and yellow. They have a mild, nutty, mushroomy flavor that can hold its own with stronger flavors or star in more subtly flavored dishes.

You can find our mushrooms at many of the best farm to fork restaurants in the area such as Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, The Eddy Pub and Poole’s Diner. We sell through Raleigh City Farm in the Raleigh area and directly in Chapel Hill, Carrboro & Durham. Connect with rob[at]understory[dot]farm if you are interested in bulk orders.

Visit us on Saturday mornings at Durham Farmers’ Market!